Blogs – Recommended Reading

JL Collins – The Simple Path to Wealth
JL Collins started his blog as a series of letters to his daughter explaining his approach to investing. If you want to understand the potential of ‘Index Investing’ then the ‘simple path to wealth’ is summarised in his excellent Stock Series of Blog Posts. The same information is now available in book / audio book form via Amazon.

Monevator – Motivation for Armchair Investors
Excellent blog covering a whole range of investing topics from a UK perspective.

Podcasts – Recommended Listening

Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa – ChooseFI
Brad and Jonathan are the driving force behind the ChooseFI podcast and growing FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community both in the US and across Europe. The website has a range of tools and resources and the podcast is a must listen for anyone interest in FI. I recommend listening to episode ‘100 Welcome to the FI community‘ as a starting point.

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