Hello and welcome to my blog.

Having spent the past 12 months reading about other people’s Financial Independence (FI) journeys both in the USA and UK I’ve decided to take my own tentative steps into what that might mean for me and my family.

There is a increasing body of information on Financial Independence and a growing community particularly in the USA, and now increasingly the UK. The FI community is broad in its scope and covers more than just the financial elements of saving and investing for the future. Its about increasing your options, spending your time doing those things you truly value and developing new skills and approaches to help you on that path.

To help me on my journey I’m going to treat this blog in 2 parts, first I’m going to build a sign posting resource to other blogs, tools and sources of information that I think are useful to help me in developing my own plan.

The second part of the blog will be to plan and kick start my own FI journey and share the results to see what really works.

If you have a view on any of the topics posted on the site or a suggestion for a useful resource please feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading.


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